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 My latest addition

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PostSubject: My latest addition   Mon May 06, 2013 7:42 am

Ahoy shipmates, it's only me.
I sold two of my boats then promptly bought them back again because i couldn't bare to see them go Sad
The Big Pilot boat "Spinner", and the small Pilot boat "Aurora" they are sitting in my spare bedroom now eagerly awaiting to get wet again after a terrible winter.
I've got a guilty secret i kept from my wife, and that is i bought another boat from the same chap i bought the big Pilot boat off, it's only a small one Very Happy
Here are a few photos of it, but i don't what kind of boat it is?, the fire hose on the top of the main cabin i think it was added later?.
It's a twin prop & twin rudder as you can see, the R/C is old but still works.
I had to do some tinkering with it installing a chain driven steerage, i have yet to get it wet, and with the way the weather has been performing lately that wont be too long, mind you it's going to have to wait till i come back off holiday.
Anyway to the Pics.

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My latest addition
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