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 Help finding a professional model builder

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Help finding a professional model builder Empty
PostSubject: Help finding a professional model builder   Help finding a professional model builder EmptySun Jul 04, 2021 9:56 pm


I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a professional model builder in south east England who my family could engage to complete my late father's unfinished, scratch-built Oakley type Hastings lifeboat.

My father had an enthusiasm for scratch-building RC model boats since he was at school in the early 1970s, and out of all the many boats he built over the years this was the one project that meant the most to him. He started it over 30 years ago before I was born, and for most of my life I remember it sitting in its display case as an unpainted shell while he never managed to find the time to make progress on it. In that time he completed several other impressive projects, but I think he cared about this one far too much to risk rushing it.

Since he retired, in just the last couple of years he slowly got going on it again and brought it to the state you see in the photo below. But at the end of last year, he passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving it unfinished.

We thought we had found someone to complete it earlier this year, but unfortunately they messed us around a bit and so now we are looking again. We'd really like to find someone who can finish it to a high standard and with all of the care and attention to detail my father would given it himself.

Many thanks in advance for any recommendations you have.

Help finding a professional model builder Whatsa10

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Help finding a professional model builder
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