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PostSubject: BUILDING A BOAT   BUILDING A BOAT EmptyFri Aug 31, 2018 12:35 pm

the boat has a short mast at bow and sturn and a tall one on the wheelhouse. I am in a problem how to put the wiringn when the tall one comes off with the wheelhouse.,the short ones stay put?Any thought would help.
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PostSubject: Re: BUILDING A BOAT   BUILDING A BOAT EmptyFri Aug 31, 2018 1:11 pm

I’m guessing the bow ‘mast’ is the bow sprit... which is usualy a fixed mast, however those do disconnect with the use of a screw/pin or sleeve system.

For the stern the mast being fixed to the wheelhouse... in this case your options are limited..

First question tho... is the model to be sail powered? Or is their a motor driving, if there is a motor then you just allow the stern sail to free sail.

However if it’s to be used, it is used in conjunction with the rudder as that smaller sail is to help the model turn..

I’ve built a similar model in he past with a similar problem so I took a liberty knowing the wheelhouse detached meaning any wind hitting a sail fixed to it pull the wheelhouse off.... big mistake!
So the liberty I took was to make up a rear mast, which slotted into a tube right behind the wheelhouse, this gave it the look of being attached when in reality it wasn’t, to rig it up I fixed “eyes” to the bulwarks top either side ( usualy where a chains would be in place ) either side at its chain position and then from the sails tail to the eye i ran the line. Keep in mind the chain would be it’s teal mechanical movement in simply replacing this with a line instead for animation.

The base of the sail sprit also had an eye afixed to which I ran two lines to and ran each line through the eyes ( one each side) I brought both lines central to the sail at deck level and slotted through a tube in the deck however this tube was in a J shape to allow the lines not to bind, to which the ends were secured to the top of the servo using a long arm ( push pull theory) this servo was mounted central to the rudder and was also in my case the rudder linkage attached to the same servo ( a decent 15kg is best used here)

Now providing you haven’t got the line binded up then s
Real sail will pull with the servos rudder movement,

Now for my model the sail moved but wasn’t overly effective ( the rudder just worked the sail was more for show) now also keep in mind you will need to connect the sails lines to the opposing ends of the servo arms to give the correct image of the sails pushing the model in a direction.

This is a very basic way of doing it and looking back I would have run a deck pully down for this sail however since the model was motor powered the sail itself was more of a gimmick to which I ended up sailing the model with the sail down as it was nothing but a hinderance.

I’ld love to give u a photo... but the model is no longer in my possession and 300milea away.

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