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 about twin engine motors, electric, need some help

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Deck Hand
Deck Hand

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PostSubject: about twin engine motors, electric, need some help   Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:19 pm

have not seen any information on setting up a twin electric motors, brush type, or others.
i have been looking all over the web for answers and can not find any.
 i have a dumas chris craft commander, 36" long, not a heavy model

 would like some information, on how to

1 what motors to buy, will a 360 370 motor work i think a 540 twins motors will be to much. could be wrong

2 do i need to run one motor backward/ reverse. if so by just switching the wires good enough.??
     will both motors run the same speed, or close to each other.?

3 i bought a hobbywing 860 for a twin engine set up , anybody out there ever used one of these

or i over thinking the whole thing...
 i have build a dumas 1930 runabout, 36" long and heavy, has a dumas motor look / measures as a 540
and goes just nice, to a scale speed, i don't need to got to fast, it not a racing boat.

thank you
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PostSubject: Re: about twin engine motors, electric, need some help   Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:24 am

hi samc, 

welcome to this site. is this what you are looking for, I only posted this picture 2 days ago on a question about speed controllers on here. the set up is 2 x 380 re 3v x 7.2 v motors 2 x 3000 mha batterys and what is called a dual esc separate wires two  the speed controller. you will need a left and right propeller as one will rotate in the opposite direction to the other you may need to swap wires on motor round for left side motor. hope I have said this wright but just ask if you are not sure still. also you can run two motors on a single esc if cost is a problem but you must have left and right props.

this is the boat that has this set up  in and I get a good scale speed, and not a speedboat as some people think they should be.

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Forum Overlord
Forum Overlord

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PostSubject: Re: about twin engine motors, electric, need some help   Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:23 pm

Twin 400 size motors will work well in a boat that size although if you have room I would go up to 540’s .

I would recommend a brushless setup generally but you seam clear in keeping brushed.

So in keeping with a brushed setup using 370-400 sized motors you can run using two esc’s one for each motor, linked with a servo link cable, I must remind you to disconnect the central lead on one esc so not to over load the receiver since the esc’s provide 6v bec...

However the easiest was would be to purchase ACTions p94l

It’s a twin 10amp esc with mix function which for up to 400 sized brushed motors is excellent and an all in one package without messing around.

Cost wise if buying two reasonable esc’s is still a tad more expensive however given that it’s so much less atgovation to use this is the best bet for simplicity, ease of use and generally idiot proof!

Good luck!

I'm  Not  Anti-Social,  I'm  Anti-Stupid.
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Forum Sponsor

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PostSubject: Re: about twin engine motors, electric, need some help   Sat Jul 28, 2018 5:07 pm

Click on the second item ("Do they both go round, mister?").
I can heartily endorse the recommendation for the P94 - I build every one of 'em! The latest version has BEC, too.
Dave M
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PostSubject: Re: about twin engine motors, electric, need some help   

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about twin engine motors, electric, need some help
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