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 Note On Build Blogs Jan 2020!

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Note On Build Blogs Jan 2020! Empty
PostSubject: Note On Build Blogs Jan 2020!   Note On Build Blogs Jan 2020! EmptyWed Jan 15, 2020 10:24 am

Just a heads up that you may notice a lot of blogs are missing!


They are not missing just moved to their relevant catagorys.

The build blog section currently has only outstanding builds in progress or those I know the builders are long time between posts.

The build blog section is more relevant to what is happening now as apposes to 9 years ago!

In fact anything that has not seen an update in over a year or blogs that have in fact been finished have been moved to their relevant sections within the forum under the category best suited to them..

This was orginaly stated when I first started the forum all those years ago that I would move finished blogs to relevant sections at the end of each project but it’s also one of those jobs I put off doing for a long while.

Today I’ve gone through every build blog and moved what I felt needed moving.

So if you cannot find your older build blogs please check out the catagory sections in the forum to which they would fall under, for odd models with no real “category” they have been moved to the “all other model section”

On a side note I will also be happy to create new Catagorys for models should that be requested and move recent posts to those.

Please message me for that and not a moderator as they have no access to the forums layout.

For those who don’t agree with a category I have placed a build under please message me with where you feel the blog should be positioned.

Please note I will not move back finished blogs to the build section, I will however move blogs that are still ongoing but have not had an update in over a year back to the build section upon request and only If the build is to be continued.

Jan 2020

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Note On Build Blogs Jan 2020!
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