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 Forum adds & abuse button

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Forum adds & abuse button Empty
PostSubject: Forum adds & abuse button   Forum adds & abuse button EmptyTue Apr 12, 2016 5:06 pm

Well I've just spent the last 4 hours going through the forum abuse submissions,(annual event, accept the ones I've pre flagged as critically urgent Which get delt with asap) needless to say the big one was all about the adverts showing above your screens and some of the content was highly questionable in regards to it being adult content. And a few have been petty squabbles over other members who then have basically abused the abuse button, those reports generate a lot of issues which I have to take the time to sit down and clear, through written logs , back checking user id's, checking posts, threads, ip addresses etc etc And work out what needs to be done to resolve the issue, the consequences of not doing these matters will be a forum suspension or closure for failing to act as a responsible forum owner... And no one wants that do they!


Just to clear up how the adverts are generated....

Now the forum adds are generated by your personal search history's and your activitys online (this is your internet browser and cookies that come with all visited websites) meaning only one thing... If your looking at adult content on your computer the adverts will show you adult content!
The adverts have nothing to do with the forum itself and are not generated by the forum/ host / server etc.
So if your getting adult content showing up check you computes history, or clear cookies and history regularly. (That's also a good tip for keeping your browser running quickly)

This parts a rant at the childish behaviour of a small few individuals we ALL know who like to cause problems...

As for reporting abuse to settle some personal score with others isn't going to get you in my good graces, in fact your more likely to piss me off to the point where I just ban you for not only being a total fuck tard but also wasting my time to clean up the mess your little 2 year old paddy caused. 

If you have a problem with another person/moderator etc on the forum contact me or one of the moderators first to see if the issue can be resolved.
If your complaint is about a moderator you should come directly to me at first call so I can gather both sides of an issue before making a judgement about what to do.
We are all adults here and we should be able to behave as such... No names ....But i do not like being told how to run my forum, who to have help me run the forum or even what to do.

If you wish to have a say how to run it, get your credit card out and pay for the privilege, or earn MY respect enough to listen.
It dose not bother me one bit who's magazine you write For, how many years you have been doing a hobby, how many qualifications you have etc etc... dose not make you automatically 100% right about everything, becuase the simple truth is there is always someone who knows better then you!

The abuse button is there to protect you from abuse such as copyright infringements of your hard work while sharing with us, deflimation of character, spam, grifing posts, totaly inappropriate content ...etc etc...not a button for the bored people to use to throw tantrums because he knows more then your willing to admit or you disagree with a point of view.

So please do not abuse the abuse button, all issues can be resolved quickly and more efficiantly through direct moderator contact or using the help section of the forum.

Anyway guys thanks for listening, feed back on the forum is alway appreciated for improvements and my mail box is always read.


I'm  Not  Anti-Social,  I'm  Anti-Stupid.
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Forum adds & abuse button
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