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 Male logic.

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Male logic. Empty
PostSubject: Male logic.   Male logic. EmptyTue Aug 06, 2013 11:18 pm

Woman: Do you drink beer?                 
Man: Yes

Woman: How many beers a day?                    
Man: Usually about 3

Woman: How much do you pay per beer?                 
Man: $5.00 which includes a tip

(This is where it gets scary !)
Woman: And how long have you been drinking?           
Man: About 20 years, I suppose

Woman: So a beer costs $5 and you have 3 beers a day which puts
your spending each month at $450. In one year, it would be
approximately $5400 …correct?
Man: Correct

Woman: If in 1 year you spend $5400, not accounting for inflation,
the past 20 years puts your spending at $108,000, correct?
Man: Correct

Woman: Do you know that if you didn't drink so much beer, that
money could have been put in a step-up interest savings account and
after accounting for compound interest for the past 20 years, you
could have now bought a Ferrari?

Man: Do you drink beer?               
Woman: No


Man: Where's your Ferrari?
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Male logic.
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