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 Female rules

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Female rules Empty
PostSubject: Female rules   Female rules EmptyFri Oct 05, 2012 12:24 pm

Female rules
1. The Female always makes THE RULES.
2. THE RULES are subject to change without notice.
3. No Male can possibly know all THE RULES.
4. If the Female suspects the Male knows all THE RULES,
she must immediately change some or all of THE RULES.
5. The Female is never wrong.
6. If it appears the Female is wrong, it is because of a
flagrant misunderstanding caused by something the Male did or said wrong.
7. If Rule #6 applies, the Male must apologize
immediately for causing the misunderstanding.
8. The Female can change her mind at any given time..
9. The Male must never change his mind without
the express, written consent of The Female.
10. The Female has every right to be angry or upset at any time.

Male rule.

Ignore all female rules.

when she starts yelling do as I do and say but Hon this is how you trained me.
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Female rules
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