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 Aussie boot camp

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Aussie boot camp Empty
PostSubject: Aussie boot camp   Aussie boot camp EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 11:50 am

A bloke that we'll call.... Fred...joined the aussie army and was shortly after put in a training arena.
the general gave Fred a stick and Fred asked "what's this for".
the general replied with "we dont use real guns in this facility, cost too much so all you do is point the stick at the enemy and yell bangety bang bang bang!"

so off Fred went and shortly after a bloke jumped out from behind a tree, quickly he said "bangety bang bang bang" and the other bloke fell over in the grass.
"wow" thought Fred to himself and continued on his way.
another guy disguised as a bush tried to frighten Fred but he was quick on his stick and reeled off his "bangety bang bang bang".

about 10 minutes later and after a few more "kills" he came across a bit of a road like area and slowly walking down the road was another of the army's trainee's in enemy clothing.
fred pointed his stick and yelled "bangety bang bang bang" but the guy just kept of coming.
Fred tried again "bangety bang bang bang!" but to no avail.
the guy just kept on coming and walked right over Fred, bewildered Fred looked at the guy who was now walking away and caught a wiff of what the guy was muttering to himself.

"tankety tank tank tank!!"
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Aussie boot camp
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