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 Weird or Spooky Pics

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Weird or Spooky Pics Empty
PostSubject: Weird or Spooky Pics   Weird or Spooky Pics EmptyMon Nov 07, 2011 2:01 pm

Hi folks

Only once have I seen this in my living room, it is genuine and not photoshopped. I can understand that light coming through a diamond shaped bezel in my window caused this ............... but if that's the reason why only once in five years? My Spooky Ghosbuster Thingy ........... so have you got anything odd?

Weird or Spooky Pics Spooky10

I suppose one of you will have a Flying Dutchman Ghost Ship pass through the telly at eight bells affraid

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Weird or Spooky Pics
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