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 2018 forum donations

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PostSubject: 2018 forum donations   Sat Feb 03, 2018 3:25 pm

Good afternoon boys and girls...I do this every year around the same time and you all know my policy....

It's forum domain renewal time. Which this year is the forums domain and the advert removal system. Fortunately our copyright protection on photos is still in effect until 2020 so this years cost have reduced significantly.

I’m pleased to say the sucesss Of removing the adverts has gone down well. So that will be a feature we will keep running into 2018/19.

If anyone is such inclined they may donated towards the forum cost, this I will make clear for all members it's entriely optional and not required, as the forum owner I do take full responsibility for its upkeep however donations are always appreciated!

For those who do donated your username rank tag will be changed to 'forum sponsor' or similar tag as a thank you for your efforts.

This year we're looking at rasising £30 for the general upkeep. As of today the forum has 28 days remaining before reverting to its old form. ( this would be the initial domain the forum started with)

Should anyone feel the need to donated they can do so via the very bottom of any page you are on and click the underlined Contribution link ( its next to the report abuse link)

Again they have not updated to pay with PayPal but anyone with a credit or debit card can still pay securely.

For those who wish to donate via PayPal you can send money to my PayPal address and I’ll do the main payment in one bulk lump.

Again let me please state it's entirely optional to donate but every little helps!

Best regards

Aron (admin)

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2018 forum donations
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