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Captain (moderator)
Captain (moderator)

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PostSubject: GOOD RIDANCE THANK GOD.   Sat Nov 04, 2017 1:01 pm

This might be taken down as offensive, by my fellow mods and fair enough, but this disgusting person was a part of most children's lives of similar age to myself at that awful time in our lives. children were frightened and fear was in the air up and down the country, thinking that grown adults could do this to children.........and yet is still happening. I can only thank that brave judge who made this decision instead of the mamby pamby one who allowed Myra Hindley's ashes to be scattered close to where these disgusting people buried those innocent children all those years ago.

This disgusting pair are two of the most notorious sex murderers in British history.

And I FOR ONE, thank the judicial system of this country, for getting something right for a change.

Cremated and sent to the bottom of the sea: Ian Brady's unceremonious end.

The body of the Moors Murderer Ian Brady has finally been cremated following a legal battle over his last wishes. Here is how the remains of the infamous child killer were disposed of:Wednesday, October 25 2017

9pm - Brady's body collected from the mortuary at the Royal Liverpool hospital by an appointed official from Tameside council and a pathologist who attended his post-mortem. Escorted by an unmarked police car with an inspector and sergeant from Merseyside Police, the corpse is transported by road to Southport Crematorium. Brady's body does not enter any public area and it placed in a standby cremator.

10pm exactly - The cremation begins in the presence of Brady's solicitor, Robin Makin, the police officers, council officials and two crematorium workers. In accordance with a judge's order no music was played, there were no flowers and no photographs were taken. Once the cremation is complete Brady's ashes are placed in a biodegradable urn made of Himalayan rock salt. The weighted urn is designed to sink to the bottom of the sea immediately before dissolving over a few hours.

May those poor children finally rest in peace.

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Captain (moderator)
Captain (moderator)

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PostSubject: Re: GOOD RIDANCE THANK GOD.   Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:09 pm

2thumbsup 2thumbsup 2thumbsup 2thumbsup  Garbage disposal  2thumbsup 2thumbsup 2thumbsup 2thumbsup
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