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PostSubject: carpool +1   carpool +1 EmptySat Nov 12, 2016 9:26 am

A recent college graduate took a new job in Baltimore and began commuting each day to work through a tiring array of tunnels, bridges and traffic jams. Thinking it would make the trip more bearable, he invited several co-workers to share the ride. However the commute actually got more stressful, especially the trips through the tunnels. He consulted the company doctor. "Doc," the frustrated commuter complained, "I’m fine on the bridges, in the traffic, in the day and at night, and even when Joe forgets to bathe all week. But now, when I get in the tunnels with those four other guys crowded into the car, I get anxious and dizzy, and I feel like I’m going to explode." Without further analysis, the doctor announced he had diagnosed the ailment. "What is it, Doc? Am I going insane?" "No, no, no, my boy. You have something that is becoming more and more common." ""Tell me! What is it?" "You have what is known as Carpool Tunnel Syndrome." 

A young man was driving up a steep, winding and narrow mountain road. Going 'round a tight corner, he notices a woman driver -- who is coming in the opposite direction, begin to lean out of her window. As they pass each other she yells at him, "PIG!!!!" The man immediately leans out of his window and screams back at her, "WITCH!!!" Each continues on their way in opposing directions and, as the man rounds the next bend, he crashes into a pig -- which is right in the middle of the road!. If only men would listen.... 

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