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PostSubject: GCSE'S......IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE TO "A"s   GCSE'S......IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE TO "A"s EmptyThu Sep 10, 2015 3:41 pm

I noticed a thread on mayhem the other day posted by Martin with regards to his daughters achievements in her GCSE's, and I know that he reads this site as he was a member and probably a guest these days, just as I read some of the threads on mayhem as a guest, which suits me fine......can filter out what I don't want to read and by who?

And may I offer Martin and his daughter hearty congratulations on her success. I mean that from the heart, as my younger daughter passed 13 GCSE's herself this august...........far out classing her old man who only passed 7 in his day ( can't remember when though.......far too long ago.

She has gone on to sixth form to study four "A"s, but hasn't got a clue what she wants to do next.

However from the comments made on mayhem, it is sad these days that young people are EXPECTED to go on to a's and then to university, and quite a majority will study worthless subjects that will do them no good at the end of the 3/4 years, because modern society dictates such a move, and to which they will end up in debt with qualifications that ( other than proving they have the application and will to study) have absolutely no baring on the job that they will eventually start with, and a massive debt the size of my second mortgage to weigh them down as well.

My elder daughter on the other hand, with 12 GCSE's to her name two years ago didn't want to go on to study a levels......Her ultimate goal was to go to sea as  cadet deck officer, and when her head teacher asked her what she wanted to do 3 years ago in year 10 she said she wanted to steer a ferry..............the dumb idiot laughed at her and took the piss out of her for a full year.....

Tomorrow she is going back to that school in her full  Cadet Deck Officer's uniform to show him who is laughing now.

She started at Fleetwood Nautical College today on the start of a 4 year degree course, that will allow her to gain her first officers ticket at the end of it, with no debt and a guaranteed job with her sponsor.

My two girls have made me a very proud dad, and I know how Martin  on mayhem feels.
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