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Captain (moderator)

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PostSubject: DAVE METCALF, METCALF MOULDINGS   Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:47 am

This statement doesn't really concern the majority of members on here  but there have been statements and  "thoughts" put in writing on Modelboatmayhem that I would like to  clear up and which are far from the truth.

(METCALF without an "E" at the end of his name by the way)

Dave Metcalf HAS  retired from the modelling business for the foreseeable period in time.

Dave and I have been friends for many years and I feel that it is my duty to put a few facts straight before rumours and innuendos take wrong information any further!

Dave has been in the modelling business for over 40 years and has given an incredible amount of his time and effort to bring fine drawings, mouldings and semi/full kits to the modelling public, and has at retirement age like myself decided to spend some time enjoying "life" outside model boats with his wife Anne.........and who can blame him.

He does have a membership of Mayhem but hasn't used it for a long long time and so will have no idea as to what is being said about his models, and so I as a friend am taking it upon myself to set the record straight for all those phishing for answers.

Dave sold all his moulds off the Models By Design some time ago!

Dave sold his kits and semi kits off to Tony Green Steam a short while ago and what you see on Tony Green's stand is what he bought. I presume that any new kits that Tony Green brings to the public in the future will be from his own design and development camp!

Dave DID NOT SELL his Liverpool class nor his Ann Letitia Russell to Tony Green nor any other manufacturer!

Dave is, and will be, in the future working on his Liverpool class lifeboat as a full kit with cad  cut pieces IN HIS OWN TIME!

The Ann Letitia Russell  rubber moulds have after numerous renewals over time, now come to the end of their working life and so Dave has decided to remove the ALR from sale temporarily until he has enjoyed some retirement and then remade new moulds. THAT IS WHY  the ALR is not for sale at present.......similarly to what any other manufacturer does..........NO HIDDEN MEANINGS AT ALL.

Dave has decided and contemplated on what he is going to do in the model boat world once he has enjoyed his well earned retirement, and that is for himself to decide and announce once he has come to a firm conclusion.
He will probably announce to the public what his intentions are,  so please DO NOT  badger him, myself or any other manufacturer as to what his intentions are, as none of us will give any information about that!.........SO PLEASE STOP PHISHING, MAKING SCUTTLEBUT OR RUMOURS  about what will follow.

Dave has also discontinued his email account and phone number for the business, so please don't pester him on those either, as it will get nowhere.

Both Dave and Anne deserve their rest and enjoyment now that they have retired  so please respect that decision, and just wait and be patient.

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