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 Custom 1980 F-150 flareside

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PostSubject: Custom 1980 F-150 flareside   Sun Sep 18, 2016 10:45 pm

Sorry i've not been posting as much as i should have... to accompany the sea urchin i was also asked to produce a truck to haul it, with a trailer. (trailer i'm not looking forward too)

Fortunately time isn't an issue with these builds so i've been able to shop around for the right item(s) for the job.

Its been many years since i've built a kit car, and even longer since i've overhauled/customized and upgraded a body for one.

I'm at the point in the boat build where its awaiting the deck. however given that wood is not very compliant when it comes to cutting, gluing and sanding while the weather changes i'm forced to take on part two of the build while the stock wood settles to the newer cooler temps coming in. 

So for this part i've opted for a tamiya truck kit, and started some basic upgrades to the chassis, i've then had to source a true 1988 scale body shell made of abs plastic ( not those polycarb body shells you paint from the inside) to which i can detail to make a true 'scaler' truck.
please note This body is not deigned to work with this chassis!  

This truck chassis is designed for a jeep/unimog body so fitting this new body to the chassis will require a lot of custom work. 
The truck also needs to function correctly. 

A normal f-150 flareside truck looks like this ....

However given that the body i've got is deigned for a monster truck chassis i came to the conclusion after much research that the body would work on the chassis i purchased for this project if i converted it to a 'lift kit spec' which looks like this...

Making this truck into whats known as a F-150 high lift.

So here's a few images as to where i am so far... once the models finished it should be a near scale replica or the real thing with a few extra mods!

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Captain (moderator)

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PostSubject: Re: Custom 1980 F-150 flareside   Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:50 am

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Custom 1980 F-150 flareside
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