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 Boat crash.

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Just add water

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PostSubject: Boat crash.   Sat May 14, 2016 2:48 pm

Late one foggy night two boaters collide head on while trying to navigate a narrow inlet channel.
Both their boats were damaged, disabled and slowly sinking.
As they each watched their boats slowly slip away beneath them, the first boater said " You know, this is a sign that we should never take life for granted and that we should live it to the fullest".
"You are right," said the other boater as he opened a cooler and pulled out a bottle of bourbon whisky. Let's drink to living well for the rest of our lives.
The first boater took the bottle and, after a big swig, handed it back to the other boater who in turn quickly threw it into the river.
More than a little surprised the first boater exclaimed " You didn't take a drink!?"

"Na", said the other boater "I think I'll just wait for the Coast Guard to show up."

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Boat crash.
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